This revitalising sleep mask came at the perfect time to save my tired skin

A collagen companion for life’s more stressful moments

Beauty Editor / May 16 2022

I’m a big believer in fate. Some things in life are just too perfectly aligned to be left to chance or coincidence alone y’know?

Well, at least that’s how I felt when my editor asked me if I’d like to try Dr LeWinn’s Ultra R4 Collagen Surge Overnight Sleep Mask ($44.69 at Chemist Warehouse). I was in the midst of a chaotic house move and my skin was feeling it.

After organising removalists, packing box after box, and reeling at the sight of my dwindling bank account (why is moving so expensive?), my eyes looked tired, my skin dull and I even felt a little bit older (but none the wiser). 

Dr LeWinn’s Ultra R4 Collagen Surge Overnight Sleep Mask offered a resolute solution and my skin was ready for it.

The product

Whoever created the concept of overnight masks deserves a Nobel Peace Prize in my opinion. This one is packed with skin-plumping and energising properties that take effect while you get some shut-eye. Just slather and sleep — ideal.

The innovative dual-chamber delivery system means you’re essentially getting two serums in one bottle – a collagen plumping serum and a peptide energising serum – whilst ensuring the purity and potency of the respective serum ingredients are preserved prior to application. 

What are those ingredients, you ask? Well, it turns out Dr LeWinn’s is a bit more creative than your average skin care brand and they’ve compiled collagen peptides with a few innovative active ingredients to address the signs of fatigue and help repair the skin while you snooze. 

Dawnergy™ rejuvenates skin and promotes radiance, Synchrolife™ works with the skin’s natural circadian rhythm to minimise the effects of digital pollutants on the skin, and Dreamscentz™ technology is a nifty olfactory addition to the mix that actually aids in improving the quality of your sleep. 

Dr LeWinn’s Ultra R4 Collagen Surge Overnight Sleep Mask review

I quickly got in the habit of applying this sleep mask nightly as it was a cinch to use, but using it 2-3 times per week will also deliver the results. After applying the bulk of my skin care routine, I would smooth the pink face mask over the top of my moisturiser as a last step.  

The gel formula is lightweight, hydrating and cooling on the skin upon application. It absorbs relatively quickly and leaves the skin with a subtle sheen. 

After a few nights of this routine, I was surprised by the lack of product left on my pillowcase. As an avid user of sleeping masks, my pillowcases had become necessary casualties in my pursuit for perfect skin overnight. 

After just over a week of use, I noticed my skin looked plump, hydrated and more radiant for the first time in weeks. The fine lines around my eyes and nasal labial folds were less prominent too.

The final verdict

While the Dr LeWinn’s Ultra R4 Collagen Surge Overnight Sleep Mask didn’t act as a magic wand and completely erase my perpetual dark circles, it did live up to its promise in other regards.

I got my glow back and all it required was a few hours of sleep with the Dr LeWinn’s Ultra R4 Collagen Surge Overnight Sleep Mask working away on my skin. I also like that despite the fact I may be stressed on the inside, it helped to make sure this wasn’t being displayed on my skin. 

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