4 ways to extend the life of your blow-dry

Extend The Life Of Your Blow Dry

Your hair will stay fresh for longer with these tips

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / June 26 2018

Getting a professional blow-dry is a guaranteed ticket to a good hair day. Leaving your hair  in the capable hands of a hairstylist can transform your dull, lifeless locks into an immaculate glossy ‘do.

Once you’ve gone to the effort of getting a pro to perfectly style your hair, you definitely don’t want to let their hard work (and your well-spent money)  go to waste. Here, Simon Bright, Creative Director of JONNY+JUNE, shares his top tips for extending the life of your blow-dry (starting from the minute you leave the salon).


Avoid touching your hair

Your fresh blow-dry may feel incredibly bouncy, smooth or soft, but be warned: touching your hair after you’ve just had it blow-dried can backfire on you. “Don’t keep running your hands through [your] hair as this can flatten hair and also spread natural oils throughout, causing hair to go greasy,” says Bright.


Sleep with care

The trick to waking up with good hair? Good-quality pillowcases that won’t cause your hair to frizz. “Consider swapping your pillowcase for a satin option. The smooth fabric creates less friction than cotton, so it won’t rough up your strands,” advises Bright. If you’re not keen on purchasing new bed linen, Bright also suggests the following: “Covering hair with a silk scarf will have a similar effect. Otherwise, wrap the front section around a large velcro roller and loosely clip the rest at the back of your head. The roller helps maintain fullness and bounce where it’s most needed.”


Keep your hair away from moisture

To increase the lifespan of your blow-dry, prevent any moisture from reaching your roots, mid-lengths or ends. “Before you step [into the shower], pull your hair back, twist it and gently clip your hair up and place in a shower cap,” explains Bright. “Twisting the hair up helps shield all the hair that’s underneath for the moisture, whilst clipping [it] up stops creases that can be created by elastics.”

“Be cautious after the shower, too, as taking hair out in the bathroom can cause frizz due to the moisture in the air. Go into another room to take your hair out."
Simon Bright
Creative Director


Refresh with dry shampoo


A spritz of dry shampoo can soak up excess sebum on your roots, however there’s an art to applying it correctly. “Grab a small section of your hair about two to three inches wide, and mist the underside, holding the can three to four inches away from your scalp to avoid product overload. Repeat until you’ve covered your whole head, then work it into the roots using your fingertips. Resist the urge to brush: this removes most of the product and distributes oils at the root down the lengths of your strands, making them look greasy.” Try Batiste Luxe, which smells incredible (think mandarin and white freesia) and is effective at refreshing your hair.


If you’re looking to branch out and do something different to your locks, then check out our guide to the top hair colours to try this winter.

How do you extend the life of your blow-dry? Let us know in the comments below.

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