How to play up your eyes while your mask protects

Going extra on the eyes is the answer

Digital Beauty Editor / August 17 2020

Holographic heaven

Hilary Duff proves that you don't have to be any kind of application pro to nail a glitzy eye look. Her advice? Smudge an irridescent ice-blue shadow gloss over lids and leave eyes free of any liner to let the sparkle takes its moment in the sun.

Sunshine shadow

Haven't seen the actual sun in days? No worries. Add a vitamin D-inspired twist to your aesthetic by reaching for buttery sunshine yellow hues. FYI, these brilliantly bright shades are particularly great for enhancing green or blue eye colours.

Cheetah girl

It's hard to beat a bronze moment, and boy oh boy, is this one glorious. We're big fans of bringing the shades from your mask into your makeup look, and this caramel and chocolate pairing goes perfectly with the leopard print pattern.

Berry nice

Don't think for a minute that flirty and femme isn't an option when wearing a mask - try pairing a floral pattern with shimmery shadow in a beautiful berry shade and a subtle coat of mascara for fluttery-looking lashes.

Monochrome magic

Not into brights? No worries. Classic black still works a treat, especially when tonally teamed with a matching mask. This sultry charcoal smokey eye is peeper-defining perfection, and the layers of lashes only enhance the drama.

Neon jungle

You don't have to be blessed in the blending department to rock a statement eye, either. Opt for a slick of liner in an edgy fluorescent shade like this neon lime green for a quick-to-apply but hard-to-miss vibe.

Gold status

We won't lie, this mask may be best for an indoor statement (aka selfie) situation (we're not exactly certain the chainmail material is doing all that much for protection), but damn does the metallic gold-on-gold duo look divine.

Minnie Mouse

Big Disney fan with a knack for precision? Great. If you're committed to a perfect mask-and-makeup-match this red and white polka dot pattern is ridiculously cute. Even the black trim and winged liner go together perfectly; 5 stars.

Feline flick

At last, the opportunity to truly showcase your exquisitely even wings has arrived. With all eyes on your eyes, your classic cat-eye finally has a chance to take the moment it deserves, so be sure to take extra care with that liner and lash placement.

Primary colours

Give us a smokey shadow wing any day and we'd be on board, but offer it up in the form of a yellow-to-blue lid gradient and a coral-coloured lower lash line and we really have no choice but to appreciate. Utter (and excellently matched) perfection.

Pink 'n' pearls

Elle Woods, is that you? This femme fuchsia vibe is a pearl-and-pink-lover's dream come true. After all, there's no need to keep your colour solely confined to the lids - you might as well take full advantage of the skin that can be safely on show.


Emerald city

If we wake up tomorrow with infinitely more impressive makeup application skills, we know which look we'll be trying... this graphic green look is a vibe if we ever saw one. It's got real glitter, a monochrome striped strip and a falsie on the lower lashline for crying out loud...

Purple rain

Just for the record, your mask definitely doesn't have to be as snazzy as your shadow, and this magical magenta situation proves it. In fact, pairing your eye makeup moment with a traditional disposable mask only makes it stand out more. Purple perfection.

Main image credit: @pixielott

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