Eyebrow extensions are a thing now?

Microblading, move over

BeautyCrew Content Producer / May 30 2019

Just when we thought we’d heard of everything, the beauty community comes through with a new technique, tool or product that completely innovates our entire beauty routine.

This latest offering for your brows is no exception: Enter brow extensions.

Brow extensions are pretty much what you would assume: eyelash extensions for your brows – mink fibres are added to sparse and lacklustre brows using a clear medical-grade adhesive to enhance texture and volume for fuller, more natural-looking arches.

However, the fibres used for brow extensions are much finer than the fluffy strands typically used for lashes. Plus, the fibres are laid flat so you can adhere them directly to the skin rather than having to attach them to your own hair; as you would do with lash extensions.

The hair-like fibres used in the brow treatment are available in a range of colours to ensure a perfect match every time, and are then laid in the direction of your natural brow growth. An appointment should usually take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours with each strand being applied individually at different angles with tweezers. When done properly your brows should look like your brows but better: full, textured, but still retaining a clean, sharp shape that looks neat – kind of like you just stepped out of a regular wax and tint brow appointment.

Brow extensions last approximately two weeks before reapplication is required.

The new trend is picking up traction over in the US due to the instant brow makeover results, without the pain and permanency of techniques such as tattooing and microblading that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Extensions also minimise the risk of being stuck with eyebrows you are less than happy with as the additional hairs gradually fall out over time, while microblading is irreversible and can take months, if not years, to fade.

No word yet on when this interesting new trend will hit Aussie shores, but we’ll definitely be the first in line to give this one a go.

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Main image credit: @lilyjcollins

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