One of Sydney’s fave salons is opening up a fresh location

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Beauty Content Assistant / November 29 2023

What is a facial?

Well if you’ve been living under a rock, welcome to the world of facials. We hope you like glowing skin. Because that’s what facials are all about. A facial can be any kind of treatment applied to your visage. Now that’s a broad category we're talking about here. But that’s also the joy of the Fayshell facial….

Fayshell’s customisable facials

Now for the Fayshell difference. BEAUTYcrew caught up with the lovely women behind the Fayshell brand to find out more about what sets them apart. “Fayshell is Australia’s first membership-based skincare clinic” the team told us. So what does that mean? Well, much like how you set up your Amazon orders to arrive each month, with Fayshell you purchase a membership of completely customised facials. ‘Customisable?!’, we hear you ask excitedly. Yep, every single time you have a facial at Fayshell, it will be customised to your current skin needs. No locking yourself into extractions if your skin is blemish-free. Fayshell are devoted to revolutionising the salon experience offering “affordable, time-efficient, and results-driven facials” that give your skin exactly what they need.

Fayshell Locations

So, you’re hooked and feeling like you need to run to get your face attended to by the Fayshell team (we feel you). But where do you go? Well, the OG ancestral home of Fayshell is in Bondi Junction. But if you gather around real close, we’ll let you in on a secret… 

Fayshell are opening a second salon! With all the buzz and demand around the first store Fayshell have embarked on the incredible task of opening a second location within 12 months of introducing the concept. This launch will see a storefront double the size of their Bondi salon, more membership offers AND it’s located in Neutral Bay, allowing the brand to cater to another area of Sydney’s skin-loving community. If you live nearby (or are willing to make the trip in the name of glow), put December 4th in the diary for the facial that your skin will love you for. Oh and did we mention, your membership works across both stores? So if you’re up for a Bondi to Manly walk with some stops along the way, you’ll be set!

So, go and book in ASAP to enjoy the makeup-free confidence that the Fayshell difference offers you.

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