The 2 Sephora products responsible for Florence Pugh's edgy Oscars hair

Here's how to nail her effortless red carpet style

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / March 11 2024

Florence Pugh has a reputation for adding a bit of edge to the classic glamour of Hollywood events. Remember when she rocked up to the Met Gala with a buzzcut and a three-foot-tall, black feathered crown? Iconic. 

These days Pugh is working with a bit of extra length (she's growing out that buzzcut), but she hasn't ditched that laissez faire attitude when it comes to trying the unexpected on the red carpet. 

Although she usually makes statements with her wardrobe, the 28 year old has been experimenting with hair and makeup on the red carpet, thanks to the worldwide premiers of Dune: Part Two and the 2024 awards season.

In the last month alone, she's had disco ball reflective eyeliner and reinvigorated the mullet, the updo and finger waves respectively. 

And she's back at it again.

For the 2024 Oscars, Pugh teamed up with frequent collaborator and hairstylist Adir Abergel to create the most perfectly effortless hair we've ever seen on the red carpet.

Equal parts punk and French cool girl, Abergel used minimal products alongside a range of Kristen Ess hot tools to bring the look to life, focusing on enhancing the actress' natural texture and the shine of her hair. 

The exact hair products Florence Pugh used for the 2024 Oscars

To achieve that effortless texture and wave in Pugh's hair, her hair stylist warmed up a few pumps of Virtue Labs Healing Oil ($64 from Sephora) in the palms of his hands, and worked the product through her mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying her hair in sections with a round brush. 

Abergel followed up with Virtue Labs Damage Reverse Serum ($87 from Sephora), which he also massaged and warmed up in his hands, before applying it to the mid-lengths and ends of Pugh's hair. Then he roughly dried the serum-infused hair using his blow dryer and curled Pugh's hair using a wide barrel curling iron. 

Once he'd wrapped up curling her hair, he pinned Pugh's loose curls while they cooled so that they kept their shape. To finish, he combed his fingers through her hair to break up the uniformity of the curls and to create texture and volume. And there you have it, effortless red carpet hair so simple, we're half-tempted to recreate it at home. 

Want to see the maestro at work? Watch Florence Pugh get ready for the 2024 Oscars below:

This isn't the first time Adir Abergel's work has impressed fans. Florence Pugh's sculptural Governor's Awards blow out mad us gasp.

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