The real reason Florence Pugh decided to shave her head

And nope you won't guess it

Beauty Editor / August 25 2023

Florence Pugh has slowly transitioned from bouncy blowout to bob to buzz cut, somehow making each hair transformation look better than the last. And while the reasons for a colour or cut shakeup typically remain the same (boredom, trend-trialling or perhaps for an on-screen role) Pugh’s reason for shaving her head wasn’t one we could’ve picked. 

It’s almost been three months since the Oppenheimer actress debuted her buzz cut at this year's Met Gala and it appears she’s committed to keeping it short and shaven. At least for awhile. 

Why did Florence Pugh shave her head?

“Hollywood is very glamorous, especially for women and it’s hard for an audience to see past that,” she told Radio Times. “I purposefully chose to look like that, I wanted vanity out of the picture.”

And though it’s not a choice that would’ve flown with every role in particular her one as Don't Worry Darling's ‘50s housewife when she can keep the focus away from being ‘dolled up’, she’ll take it.

“Whenever I’ve not needed to be glam or have a full face of makeup, I fight to keep it that way,” she said. 

It’s undeniably a message we can all understand and get behind, but as for being a move we’d follow suit in? It might take a little convincing.

"The only thing that people can look at is your raw face”  and
that we can’t lie, is mildly intimidating. 

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