Florence Pugh struggling to style her new fringe is too relatable

One of us, one of us

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / October 27 2020

There is nothing quite so traumatising as the moment you arrive home from the hairdressers and are hit with the inevitable reality that you, a mere mortal, do not possess even half the talent of your skilled stylist. So why on earth did you get a fringe? 

You might think that celebrities (given their glam squads and access to the world’s best in the hair industry)  would be exempt from this horrible event, but no. As Florence Pugh has recently demonstrated, celebrities are hopping aboard the exact same struggle bus as us.

The down to earth actress shared her hilarious experience, where upon waking the morning after a hair wash, she found  her chic new French-girl fringe had decided to dry with a complete mind of its own. The result was a frenzied mess of hair that completely blocked Pugh’s vision in the sobering selfie:

The actress wrote of her struggles candidly, captioning the pic: “When you have no idea how to style the new fringe and going to sleep with wet hair is no longer an option. #fuckit”.

No judgement here girly!

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Main image credit: @florencepugh

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