'Kermit highlighter' is the cool-coloured illuminator trend to try

If Grande says go green, we go green

Editor / August 15 2022

We're not sure there's a trend on the planet (or another; her line is space-themed) that we wouldn't try if Ariana Grande suggested it. And yet we can't pretend we weren't the tiniest bit dubious that 'green highlighter' was the next big thing, even after the debut of her stunning mint-hued highlighting powder, AKA the r.e.m. beauty interstellar highlighter topper in 'mama earth' ($31 at Selfridges).


But luckily, TikTok tried it and set the record straight, confirming that while 'Kermit highlighter' is definitely a trend to keep an eye on (and try, obviously) it's not as adventurous as it sounds. In fact, it hits skin with more of a galactic glistening effect than leaving you looking like you're going as Elphaba from Wicked for Halloween.

Content creator @blendedbymaddyh was among the first on social media to sample the shade, initially voicing her doubts about green illuminator before being pleasantly surprised. "Oh I like this because it's not that green, it just brightens it," she explained via her video (which you can watch below for all the green-ish goodness).

So why make it green if it doesn't end up looking green?! Well, firstly, you definitely could build the pigment up to a genuine green level if so desired, but generally, the 'it' factor stems from the shade's universal nature.

On top of helping to cloak redness, the minty shade works a treat on an array of skin tones, as evidenced by the snaps on r.e.m. beauty's site. It's flattering across the board just like its other cool-toned purple predecessor, confirming that warm, bronze-y shades of gold and copper definitely aren't your only illuminating options.

Basically, it provides the covetable 'frosted' vibe (one of Grande's personal fave illuminator aesthetics) without going full silver (which can look a tad too 'Tin Man'). Plus, it's just a whole lot of fun to swipe on a teal-toned highlighter, is it not?!

r.e.m beauty

r.e.m beauty

r.e.m beauty

Want to get in on the green action but not sure Grande's line is your vibe? The INC.redible All Eyes On Me Highlighter in 'Mermaid On Land' ($6.95 at Cosmetic Capital) and the Oden's Eye Solmane II Moonlight Feel Highlighter in 'Moon Talk' ($34 at Oden's Eye) will deliver a similar vibe.

INC.redible All Eyes On Me Highlighter Mermaid On Land


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