Expert tips for flawless makeup that lasts all day long

Wave goodbye to midday touch-ups

Beauty Crew Contributor / November 03 2016

As the warmer weather approaches, we are faced with the never-ending problem of our makeup refusing to last all day long. Even with diligent touch-ups, somehow our makeup just won’t stay put.

To find out how to ensure our makeup lasts from morning to night, we spoke to three experts who shared their number one piece of advice for budgeproof makeup.



Stephen Gaskett, Elizabeth Arden’s National Makeup Artist says that makeup lasts much longer when it’s applied to hydrated skin. “Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is key,” he says. Whether your amp up your hydration levels with regular face masks or simply apply a moisturising sunscreen before you leave the house, it is one of the most important steps in your skin care routine and makes a big difference to the wear of your makeup.

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Revlon Makeup Director for Australasia, Melanie Burnicle’s says that primer is crucial! However, you need to do more than just apply it: you must find the right primer to suit your skin’s specific needs to get the best results. If you need some help deciding which primer is right for you, see our guide for how to match up with your perfect formula.

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Alphie Sadsad, a professional makeup artist for Bobbi Brown, recommends “applying a dusting of powder where you usually get makeup movement. This will help set it in place and stop the slide.” This may sound like a familiar makeup technique if you’ve heard of the baking trend that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic made famous. While it is similar, keep the powder application to a light dusting to allow the makeup underneath to set without creating a heavy finish.

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