You’ve heard of skin care slugging but what about hair slugging?

The TikTok trend explained

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / March 31 2022

If 2022 has taught us anything it’s that trend names can be deceiving.

Case in point? The slugging skin care trend.

Given that the skin care technique involves slathering on copious amounts of petroleum before bed to minimise water evaporation, we can understand the comparison to the slimy invertebrates.

The principle has even been applied to makeup, with complexion-conscious makeup wearers donning a protective primer before their base products,  allowing them to seal in their skin care and achieve a smooth base for any additional makeup they wear throughout the day.

And now TikTokers are using a similar technique for treating their hair.

How it works

Hair slugging involves dousing strands in hair oil before bed and wrapping the hair in a soft sock or silk head wrap. The hair oil acts to seal in moisture and prevent dry, damaged and fluffy-looking lengths. 

And when you wake? Expect shinier, silkier and softer strands. 

Or at least that’s what happened when these TikTok creators gave the trend a try…

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Main image credit: @dixiedamelio

Briar is a Content Producer at BEAUTYcrew. She is a self-professed skin care obsessive, always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, and can't go past a plumping lipgloss.