Halsey reveals her new buzz cut with hilarious TikTok

“I’m not gonna do it… I did it.”

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / October 20 2020

There are few things that have sustained us during quarantine, but TikTok and celebrities getting new haircuts every five minutes have both been our lifeline, distracting us from the existential dread that has loomed over 2020.

And now our worlds have collided with one of the most exciting celeb hair reveals of the year recently taking place on TikTok. 

Halsey has taken a set of shears to her long black strands and is now rocking a buzz cut!

The popstar revealed the new look using an OG TikTok sound – anyone remember “I’m not gonna do it… I did it.”? Well, just in case you had any qualms Halsey did do it. See the hilariously dramatic reveal below:

This isn’t the first time Halsey has shaved her head. In fact, the singer has always remained unbothered when it comes to switching up her hair on a whim; rocking everything from a buzz cut to braids and she once even dyed her fringe all the colours of the rainbow. We know we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to the star’s TikTok for any satisfying hair switch-ups in the future.

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Main image credit: @iamhalsey

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