Harry Styles just started a new nail trend on Twitter

Fans were inspired by his digits in the new “Golden” music video

BEAUTYcrew Junior Beauty Writer / October 27 2020

Harry Styles can barely blink without his fans going crazy over it and now it seems the popstar’s latest music video for his single “Golden” has become Twitter fodder. 

The hysteria started when fans spotted Styles’ haphazard silver sunset nails, taking to Twitter to gush about the singer’s digits. Some even decided they were going to recreate the look for themselves… it took a mere hour before the buzzy new look was trending.

Fans shared their hilarious and flurried responses to the ex-1D member’s aesthetic almost immediately after the video went live on YouTube:

Though only one brave soul has shared her attempt at the easy-to-recreate trend so far, we know we’re going to be seeing an abundance of yellow-nailed Gen-Z’ers and millennials wandering the streets and flooding our social media feeds over the next couple of days. 

Styles isn’t the only celeb with sick nails. Here’s all the best new manicure inspo courtesy of your favourite celebs.

Main image credit: @harrystyles

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