Harry Styles sex-themed fragrance line is finally here

And yes, we will be bathing in them

BEAUTYcrew Beauty & Social Editor / November 16 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what Harry Styles smells like (guilty), you’ll no longer have to guess. The singer and founder of beauty brand Pleasing is expanding beyond nail polish, skin care and makeup with the launch of three new fragrances.

The Pleasing fragrances – Rivulets, Closeness and Bright, Hot – are set to launch on November 16 (around 3am November 17 AEDT). At $221 AUD per product, they are pricey, but we're expecting the scents to smell as luxurious as the packaging looks. Each fragrance is also made with sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients and has the vegan and cruelty-free stamp of approval. And yes, they do ship to Australia. 

@beautycrewau Babe wake up Harry Styles is dropping a fragrance line!!!!! @Pleasing has officially announced the launch daye of its new fragrance — Closeness, Bright Hot & Rivulets — as well as three storefronts (OMG!!!). Here’s everything you need to know… #harrystyles #pleasingfragrance #pleasingperfume #harrystylespleasing #harrystylesperfume #fragrancetok #celebritybeautybrands #greenscreenvideo ♬ That Couch Potato Again - Prod. By Rose

The brand had been hinting at a major launch via cryptic Instagram posts since August before making the official announcement on November 3. Pleasing teased the three new scents with fragrance sample cards in customer orders of the newly launched Big Lip HA Moisture Balm ($42 at Pleasing) over the past month. And TikTok sleuths were quick to catch on. 

The debut fragrances were formulated in collaboration with natural fragrance house Robertet. And we won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what Styles’ signature scent smells like because they’re set to launch in October, according to Business of Fashion

“Being a brand that is deeply rooted in the exploration of colour, emotional storytelling and sensory experiences… it is a strategic move for us to expand into this category,” Pleasing’s CEO Shaun Kearney told BOF

What does Harry Styles Pleasing fragrance smell like?

The scent profiles for the three fragrances are... interesting to say the least. As hinted by the names, the fragrances are sex-themed. And as far as neutrality goes, in classic Styles fashion, all three will be gender-neutral perfumes.

Closeness smells like “a brush, a touch, a whispered ‘yes’” and “skin pressed against skin.” Top notes include Australian pink pepper extract and clean sheets accord, with middle notes of orris butter and bamboo, and heart notes of cashmere wood and salted musk.

Rivulets is described as “a delightful encounter with a stranger. Strolling, wandering, floating like tiny specks caught dancing in the slanting light of an unfamiliar room. Time suspends, the space remains constant, the center of an old world, new again.” Expect top notes of ambrette seeds, lemon and Madagascan black pepper, middle notes of white linen and poplin blossom, and base notes of skin musk.

And Bright, Hot (which is our pick as Styles' signature scent) features top notes of plum and tobacco, middle notes of orris butter and marine accord, and rounding out to cedarwood, tonka been, Madagascan vanilla, and amber heart notes. This scent supposedly captures the feeling of “fading into sleep beneath the hot sun… Time slips away, basking in a midday reverie.” Raunchy (we need them all).



Bright, Hot

Where can I buy Harry Styles Pleasing fragrance in Australia?

Like the rest of the Pleasing range, you can order the fragrances online via the Pleasing website. According to the site, the brand only ships to three Aussie states, so you might have to call in a favour from your inter-state bestie.

For the lucky ones heading over to London, Los Angeles or New York for the holidays, you'll be able to test out the perfumes and purchase in the Pleasing pop-up stores.

Unfortunately, there's been no word of any Pleasing pop-ups in Australia but stay tuned for updates...

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