Kayla Itsines shares how long you *actually* need to workout to see results

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August 13 2020

You spend so much time at the gym, you’re practically paying their rent. So why the heck aren’t you seeing results? This, Kayla Itsines reckons, is one of the most common mistakes she sees women making: thinking that the more kms they clock up on the treadmill, the faster they’ll get fit.

“DOES MORE TIME WORKING OUT EQUAL BETTER RESULTS?!⁣” she wrote in her recent Instagram post. “No, not necessarily! The reason I created my #BBG program was because I wanted women to get the most out of their workouts. I wanted them to finish their workouts feeling strong and empowered - but I also knew many women didn't have a lot of extra time in their day.” 

The mum-of-one recalled how early on in her career, many of her followers ⁣would message her to ask why they’d been exercising for more than 90 minutes each day to no avail. 

“I was like: "Who has that much time to spend working out!?"⁣ she said. “Back when I started training clients (more than 10 years ago!) my sessions were usually only 28 minutes long. My clients saw awesome results, and we fit in a LOT. So, when I first designed my #BBGprogram I knew I could keep my workouts under 30 minutes.” 

As part of her newly launched #BBGZeroEquipment program, some of Kayla's workouts have been cut down to 15 minutes. This, she believes, is still enough to work up a solid sweat. 

“These are for the ladies who struggle to fit a whole workout into their day, but who still want to get their heart rate up, boost their mood and challenge themselves!” she explained. “Anyone who has done one of my workouts will know that even though they are quick, you don't need any equipment, or much space, they are still INTENSE and we fit a lot into that time.”

Take this workout from Week 1 of BBG Zero Equipment, for example.

✅ 40 x Half Burpees⁣

✅ 48 x Commandos⁣

✅ 48 x Straight-Leg Sit-Ups⁣

✅ 80 x Side Plank & Hip Lifts⁣

✅ 80 x X Planks⁣

✅ 40 x Negative Push-ups⁣

✅ 80 x Ab Bikes⁣

✅ 60 x Bent-Leg Raises⁣

“Can you imagine doing that many reps in 28 minutes by yourself?! You don't even realise how much you are fitting in when you do my workouts!⁣” Kayla concluded the post.

Proof that even small efforts make a big difference!

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