Podcast: Why do we care about the royals’ beauty habits?

Also: How often you should wash your hair & the silent skin ager you need to fight

Editor / August 05 2019

The Internet basically exploded when a dermatologist claimed Kate Middleton had gotten “baby botox”, and before that, it was a Clarins lip product that Kate was spotted applying at Wimbledon. Also, let’s not forget the hullaballoo over the supposed Dior foundation Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day. This week we discuss why we (i.e. the world) are so fascinated with the beauty products in the royals’ kits. 

Also in this ep: How often should you actually be washing your hair? We reached out to the pros to get to the bottom of it (plus, we asked them for their tips on how to extend the time between washes). And, we chat about how pollution could be speeding up the ageing process, and what you need to do to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

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