How to achieve this season’s hottest style

It’s got Adrian Grenier’s tick of approval

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / April 29 2016

A low-maintenance hairstyle, that works for both work and play? Believe us, it does exist. Take a leaf out of Adrian Grenier’s book and try this unstructured effortless look that’s totally casual and touchable.

However, the one thing you do need for this hairstyle though, is curly or thick hair – it’s key to building texture in this hairstyle.

What's also vital to this look is the longer section at the top of your head. At the hairdressers, ask for a cut that has shorter sides that blends into the long section, to keep the look modern, dapper, and neat
Elyston Hayden


Ready to try it for yourself? Here’s how to style it…


Start fresh

Use a deep-cleansing shampoo such as TRESemmé Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove any product build-up or gunk on your scalp and strands. With a towel, pat your hair dry - never scrunch, as this will just damage the hair follicle and create frizz.


Create a base

Distribute half a golfball-sized amount of Garnier Fructis Style Curl Control Mousse into your hands, then comb it through the long section at the top of your head. This will ensure minimal flyaways, and maximum volume. Then, blowdry your hair with the medium heat setting, separating your hair with your fingers.


Add some product

Scoop out a small amount of hair paste such as O&M C-Paste with your fingers, and rub them together to warm up the product to make it more pliable.

Remember to go easy on the hair paste when you first start out – it’s always easier to add more, than to take it out of your hair
Elyston Hayden


Time to style

Using your fingers once again, comb the longer top section of your hair diagonally back (work away from the natural part of your hair) to create lots of texture and movement. Do this two to three times – any more than this, and you could be flattening out all the volume you’ve been working hard to achieve.

This hairstyle is meant to look casual, so don’t worry if it changes through the day. To rework this look, simply tip your head upside down, then comb the top section back again with your fingers
Elyston Hayden

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