Guy’s guide to making the most of your fragrance

Men’s Fragrance Guide To Applying Your Scent Correctly

How to make your cologne last the distance

Men's Health Contributing Editor / June 07 2017

Picking the perfect cologne is a tedious task, and once you find the right one you want it to last. Make the most of your fragrance with these simple rules to make every spritz a hit.


Point and shoot

The good old “two to the neck and one to the wrist” rule is perfectly acceptable, says Liam Sardea, fragrance curator for Men’s Biz. If you’re wearing an eau de toilette (such as Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic EDT) or eau de parfum - like Burberry Mr Burberry EDP, two to three spritzes is a good guide for nailing dosage without overpowering your fellow commuters.

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic EDT


Stop the sting

You don’t have to take it like a man. Post shaving or showering, apply an unscented moisturiser like Clinique Men Maximum Hydrator and allow it time to settle in before you apply your cologne, says dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook. “Moisturiser will protect the integrity of the epidermal barrier, preventing irritation,” she explains.

Clinique Men Maximum Hydrator


Spray smart

Some fragrances have been found to cause photosensitivity – an allergy triggered by sunlight. For outdoor exercisers exposed to UV radiation, avoid applying cologne to your neck or exposed skin. “Spraying the chest or clothes is a good option,” says Sardea.

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