Nail the bouncy blow-dry at home

It’s perpetually chic and a cinch to recreate

Marie Claire Contributor / April 11 2016

This Kate Middleton-inspired hair is low-maintenance, but still effortlessly chic for day or night, which is why it pays to learn how to do it like a pro.

Anthony Nader, own of RAW Salon, gives us the lowdown on how to create a voluminous blow-dry at home.


Start with mousse

Comb a volumising foam through hair, then blast with a dryer until it is 80 per cent dry.


Divide hair into sections

Create your preferred part, divide hair into four equal sections and, starting with the bottom sections, use a medium radial brush and blow-dryer to smooth the hair, lifting upwards for extra volume.
Blowdry hair in sections


Lift each section

For the top sections, “start at the ear and apply the same technique all the way up to your part, making sure to lift every section”, says Anthony Nader.
Lift hair


Add some curl

Next, use large curling tongs on random sections, winding hair from the ends up to the mid-lengths.
Curl the ends


Shake it out

Flip your head over and shake hair out before spraying roots with a light hairspray for longer lasting body. “Flip your head back over and make sure the sides of the hair are closer to the head – this keeps the look current and not like the big blow-outs of old,” he adds.
TOP TIP: For those finer hair, Nader warns to not add too much volume at the roots, as this can look piece-y instead of full.

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Illustrations by: Ann Do

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