How to brush your hair correctly

How To Brush Your Hair Correctly

Turns out there’s an art to it

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 21 2018

For such a small (yet totally significant) part of your body, it can be tricky to maintain the health of the hair on your head. You may be used to coating your locks with nourishing masks and using heat protectants to prevent hot tools from frying your locks, but how often do you take into consideration the other ritual you put your strands through daily - hair brushing?

Turns out there’s a direct correlation between hair brushing and hair damage. When your hair is wet, your strands become weaker and more fragile, and therefore are more susceptible to breakage. So it’s extra important to use the right kind of brush to prevent this from happening. Taylah Jones, Creative Director for QUE and Junior National Educator for Christophe Robin Australia, shares her best advice on which brushes to use on wet and dry hair.


On wet hair

If you’re trying to detangle your conditioner-soaked locks in the shower, or have just stepped out of the water, you should heed the following advice: “You don’t want to use your beautiful boar bristle brush in the shower or on wet hair as the water will break the natural fibres [of the brush],” explains Jones. “At QUE, we only use a Tangle Teezer or The Wet Brush.” She adds, “The benefits of using a wet brush are that the flexible bristles enable pain-free detangling and the bristles stimulate circulation at the follicle, giving you a healthy scalp and hair growth.”


On dry hair

“When brushing dry hair, use a brush that has natural bristles,” says Jones. “I recommend Christophe Robin Boar Bristle Detangling Hairbrush as it is a traditional French design with bristles of varying lengths that can glide effortlessly through your hair. The natural bristles also gently detangle and evenly distribute natural oils from roots to ends, which protects the hair fibre from being damaged by pollution, air con, sunshine [and] styling products.”

"Brushing your hair when your head is flipped upside-down helps to remove the product build-up from the scalp while oxygenating your hair follicles, which keeps your scalp healthy and happy."
Taylah Jones
Creative Director

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