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best nude lipstick for skin tone

Advertorial: How your skin tone plays an important part

Beauty Crew Editor / August 24 2017

Just like a little black dress is the wardrobe staple that every woman should own, a good nude lipstick is the beauty equivalent that can save you, day in and day out. But as anyone who’s ever tried to find their perfect nude lipstick will know, it’s a lot easier said than done. 

With so many shades and undertones available, picking a nude that complements you and doesn’t wash you out can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t actually have to be that hard – as long as you know what to look for. We tracked down Maybelline New York Makeup Director Nigel Stanislaus to pick his brain on what you should be looking for in a nude lipstick depending on your skin tone. Not only did he deliver the goods, but he did us one better by suggesting a nude shade perfectly suited to each skin tone from the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Nudes Lip Color range, which features eight on-trend creamy and pigmented colours that warm up and flatter every skin tone.

“As a general rule, a nude lip colour should be three shades deeper than your cheek colour.”
Nigel Stanislaus
Maybelline New York
Makeup Director

Read on to discover which nude lipstick you should be adding to your beauty kit. 

The best nude for all skin tones

While it always pays to find a nude lipstick that best suits your skin tone, it’s always good to know that there’s actually a nude out there that suits all skin tones. The universally flattering nude combines equal amounts of warm and cool tones (so it’s equally brown and pink), and will essentially look like your lips, just better. For a no-brainer nude lipstick, keep Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Nudes in Almond Rose in your handbag at all times.

Almond Rose

The best nude lipstick for fair skin

“If you have fair skin, look for a beige with a slight pink tone. There are a lot of beautiful shades in the Maybelline New York Matte Nudes range and I’m currently loving the shade Peach Buff for fair skin,” says Stanislaus.

 For an evening nude look, Stanislaus recommends staying within the same tone (pink), but opting for a deeper shade. For a slightly darker nude, try Naked Coral, and for a standout, bold finish, try Brown Blush.

Peach Buff

Naked Coral

Brown Blush

If your skin is very fair, try wearing Purely Nude, a light and warm nude that is perfect as a daily go-to.

Purely Nude

The best nude lipstick for medium skin

When it comes to medium skin tones, Stanislaus suggests looking for hues that have a brown base. “I love a richer and warmer colour for medium skin tones – it helps enhances radiance,” he says.

 For a nude that can be worn day or night Stanislaus says, “The Maybelline New York Matte Nude Lip Color in Raw Chocolate is simply delicious and my pick for medium skin.” If you’re keen to go even darker, swipe on Toasted Truffle.

Raw Chocolate

Toasted Truffle

Good to know: The Maybelline New York Matte Nudes combine the best of both worlds – a velvety matte finish with a creamy, nourishing formula that’ll feel comfortable all day.

The best nude lipstick for dark skin

Skip the lighter nude shades if you’ve got a bronzed complexion, says Stanislaus. “Look for a deep tone that gives you a creamy but bold finish. Opt for a rich, deep shade. Beige shades don’t work and [will] dull your complexion, so when looking for your new nude shade start looking at the range from brown onwards. I love Brown Blush for deeper skin tones as it offers a luxe finish. Toasted Truffle is one of my all-time favourite shades and is perfect for darker skin tones.” Raw Chocolate will also look excellent on darker skin tones.

Brown Blush

Toasted Truffle

Raw Chocolate

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