Our Review Crew put Camila Mendes’ fave brow pen to the test…

And they loved it!

Content Producer / May 13 2024

The product

So you might be thinking: this brow-defining product seems vaguely familiar. But how? It’s only just launched on Aussie shores. Well that’s because it’s already garnered international attention of acclaimed makeup artist Carolina Gonzales and none other than Riverdale’s own Veronica *ahem* we mean Camila Mendes. The duo were seen creating Mendes' latest film debut makeup look with this exact brow tool. 

But we needed to know more. What makes the Maybelline New York Build-A-Brow arch-defining tool any different from the slew of other brow definition-promising options out there? Well for starters, it’s seriously easy to use. The beginner-friendly tool offers a two-in-one design, which allows you to not only fill in your brows but fluff them up too. 

And we get it, with the amount of brow products we all go through (very guilty) you need to know the full lowdown to be totally impressed. So, the two-in-one, beginner friendly design has lent itself to being a seriously affordable option – less than $29 for essentially two products. But the good news doesn’t stop there. With an ultra-fine pen-tip that works in a similar fashion to a liquid liner, you’re able to create customisable brush strokes that suit your brow needs. 

Once you’ve filled in your brows – anywhere from natural to ultra-defined – you’ll be wanting to set them in place for the day (or night ahead). Because no one wants to leave the house with brows looking one way and return with them a totally different way. The gel end had been designed with a handy application spoolie, so all you’ve got to do is brush through and enjoy the long-lasting holding power. 

But we know what you really want to hear, what our REVIEWcrew® members had to say about the arch-defining tool…

The panel

BEAUTYcrew sent the Maybelline New York Build-A-Brow to a panel of women aged 18-45 looking to tame and structure their brows.

The lowdown

Easy-to-use nature: There are some brow tools on the market that require an engineering degree to figure out how to use them to create natural hair-like strokes. But the Build-A-Brow with its two-in-one design allowed our REVIEWcrew® members to simply and effortlessly create natural-looking brush strokes. The members found the simplicity and beginner-friendly nature a top quality in this brow-defining pen.

The serious staying power: You know those times that you leave the house with brows that are seriously perfect? How often do you actually come home with them looking exactly the same way? It’s rare right? Well not anymore. The REVIEWcrew® members loved the serious staying power this tool has, from the brush strokes that just stay put to the gel that sets and holds everything in place without going crusty, crunchy or flakey. 

The natural definition: Trying to figure out brow definition can be a literal art form. Applying the pen not too heavy and not too soft, getting it juuust right. Well, our members raved about how easy it was to create seriously realistic hair-like strokes without any artistic skills needed. The natural-looking definition that the brush strokes created rivalled even the look of salon-fresh done brows. 

The verdict

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“Maybelline Build-A-Brow is a game-changer for makeup novices like me. Its user-friendly design makes application a breeze, even for someone with limited experience. I over plucked my brows in my teens leaving my brows with gaps in them so this was an amazing and easy way to cover this up. I love how it stays on all day, giving my brows a natural, polished look without feeling heavy or overdone. It's the perfect choice for those who want a fuss-free, long-lasting solution for enhancing their brows."
Madaline W
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I'm here to say I'm obsessed with this product! I've gotten my eyebrows done professionally a few times, but I stopped due to the price. I have found that this product gives me exactly what I need and I love that it takes me no time at all to do my brows now! The application of this pen is so easy, it allows you to slowly build your brow to achieve a natural look. Once it dries and you comb through the gel, those brows are going nowhere! No smudging or wear! And 2 minutes, compared to the 10+ it used to take me.. I'd 100% recommend it to everyone.”
Emily W
REVIEWcrew® Member
“This is my new favourite brow product! I love the pen design making it easy-to-use and you don’t have to go searching through your makeup bag for multiple products and brushes etc. The build-a-brow pen is a 2 in 1! One end is the pen and the other end is the setting gel, it’s fool proof and so easy-to-use. The product itself is nothing I’ve ever used before, having tried pomades, gels and pencils over the years, the build-a-brow pen is an ink-like consistency which means it’s super easy to apply and gives you realistic hair strokes. It’s the product I didn’t know I needed! It applies so seamlessly onto the skin and has a buildable coverage for those sparse areas. The setting gel makes sure that they stay in place all day, even after working out. The range of colours accommodates to everybody, I use the soft brown colour having naturally mousey brown hair it suits perfectly. The build-a-brow pen is very affordable which is one of the reasons I would definitely purchase this product again and recommend it to my family and friends. I would liken the build-a-brow pen to having your brows tinted in-salon except now I can get multiple applications for a quarter of the salon price.”
Kate M
REVIEWcrew® Member

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