5 fixes for thinning hair

How to make your thin hair look its most luscious

New Idea Contributor / July 13 2016

When we think of hair loss, we often think its a struggle that only men face. But hair loss, especially thinning hair, is an issue for women too. And were not just talking the few strands you naturally moult when you brush your hair or run your fingers through your tresses. On average we shed 60 to 100 strands of hair every day so that much is normal. 

But if you feel like your mane isnt as luscious as it used to be, follow these steps to fix the look of your thinning hair. Also chat to your doctor to see if theres an underlying cause for your hair loss, like illness or stress.


Promote healthy hair growth

Even though a shampoo cant reverse hair loss, it can help hair to grow. Bumble and bumbles Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo has a nourishing blend of caffeine and rosemary leaf extract to encourage hair to grow healthy and strong.


Use a topical treatment

If youve been diagnosed with female pattern hair loss, using a product with minoxidil is a proven option to regrow hair. It stimulates the blood supply to the hair follicles, encouraging hair to grow strong and thick," explains dermatology specialist Dr Eleni Yiasemides. While it was originally only available as a mens treatment, Regaine recently launched a female friendly foam with a five per cent once-daily dose – the highest percentage you can buy over the counter.

Try it: Women’s Regaine Foam


Strategically style your hair

Take your lead from celebs such as Amy Adams, Julie Bowen and Nicole Kidman by moving your part way over to the side – it helps disguise thinning hair, which generally shows itself in the middle of your scalp.


Treat the root of the problem

Evolis has a spray treatment that blocks a protein thought to trigger the resting phase in hair, letting your hair stay attached to your scalp longer than it naturally would.

Try it: Evolis Tonic for Women


Plump the look of hair with a thickening product

For a quick fix try L’Oréal Paris’s Elvive Fibralogy Thickening Shampoo. It works by plumping up each individual strand so hair looks noticeably fuller – even after just a few washes.

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