Get Blake Lively’s plaited ponytail

It’s the updo that’ll go with everything

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / July 26 2016

Move over thickening spritzes and root-boosting tonics; the most effective way to mimic voluminous hair isn’t with a beauty product, but rather by weaving hair extensions into your ‘do. We spoke to hairstylist Kevin Murphy for his best tips for replicating Blake Lively’s enviable plaited ponytail hairstyle.


Divide it up

Using a tail comb (such as ghd tail comb), divide your hair horizontally (in line with the top of your ear) so that you are left with a top and bottom section. Then, clip the top section out of the away.


Gather it all

Tip your head upside down and pull the bottom section to where the top section starts, and secure with an elastic band (like Mia Metal Free Smooth Hair Elastics in Blonde). “This method ensures that your ponytail is tight and your hair looks smooth and perfect,” says Murphy. Once that's done, tip your head back upright. 


Wrap it up

Using a clip-in hair extension (such as Amazing Hair 2-Clip Clip-In Hairpiece), secure it the bottom ponytail as close to the hair elastic as possible, then snap the clip shut.


Put it together

Unclip the top section and brush it through with a comb. Then combine all three sections (the top, the bottom and the hair extensions), and secure into another ponytail, while ensuring the top section is smooth and tight.


Plait your hair

Then, simply plait your hair as you would normally, to about an inch from where your hair finishes. “The key to this style is a loose braid,” says Murphy. “If your finished product looks too tight, simply use your fingers to pull sections out and mess it up a bit.”


Finish it off

Finish with quick spritz of hairspray to tame unwanted flyaways. Try Kevin.Murphy Session Spray.


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