This 'Sarah Cameron'-inspired lip-lifting trick is taking over TikTok

But um, is it safe?

Digital Beauty Editor / October 14 2021

In the name of ensuring we don't share any major Outer Banks Season 2 spoilers (however, um, what the hell have you been doing if you haven't watched it yet?!), we'll instead tell you something you won't be the slightest bit shocked by: Sarah Cameron's lips looked amazing. We know, it's about as surprising as telling you JJ's still as cute/chaotic as ever.

Seriously, though, they looked at least equally as full as the Pogues' schedules, and like, considering the entire season spans approximately a week and they lived about seven billion lives during said timeframe, is saying a lot.

And while of course the Kook life would allow you to get your pucker pumped up whenever you damn well liked, it's safe to say Cameron wasn't exactly able to get to the doctor to do so during the madness that was Season 2 (she was more busy getting to the doctor for other things; that's all we'll say, if you know, you know).

And hey, there's also the fact that Madelyn Cline (Cameron's real life counterpart) actually doesn't rely on filler for her full lips; yep, that kisser is as natural as it is glorious. What a gift.

Outer Banks/Netflix

Outer Banks/Netflix

Outer Banks/Netflix

However, though the plumpness of Cline/Cameron's pout is definitely part of the appeal, the Internet's obsession actually fixates on its 'flipped' appearance rather than just the full factor. And so, a TikTok craze emulating the aesthetic has emerged, fittingly dubbed the #SarahCameronLips challenge.

The hack behind it? Applying a little bit of lash glue to your cupid's bow, flipping your top lip upward and (get this) attaching it to the newly sticky skin. Take a look... it's the kind of thing you have to see to believe.

Does it work? Technically (and temporarily), yes. You'll definitely have the Sarah Cameron look for a little while; but if you're after something more long-term, the 
lip flip treatment does happen to offer similar results, and works as a less invasive alternative to filler.

As for the safety status, it's harmless generally, but you will want to make sure you don't get the glue too close to your mouth; it is (of course) not edible. An effective cleanse will also be a must afterwards, to ensure any bacteria from (or stuck to) the glue is taken care of.

Of course, if you'd prefer to rely on products for your plumping needs (and applying lash glue anywhere but your lashes sounds iffy to you), we do have a few other approaches we suggest you try for amping up your lips.

There are also some stellar TikToks floating around that teach you to how to get the Kook-princess-turned-Pogue lip look solely with makeup; definitely a safer strategy. Play your plumping cards right and you may even end up with fullness levels that Cameron herself would envy...

Main image credit: @madelyncline

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