Insider tricks for mastering voluminous loose waves

Here's how to copy your new favourite go-to hairstyle

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 09 2017

When browsing images of celebrities on the red carpet, one timeless hairstyle that we’re constantly inspired by is voluminous and loose curls, especially on those with medium to long hair. And guess what - they’re surprisingly easy to master, provided you’re using the right tools and products. We spoke with hairstylist Anthony Nader for his best tips for creating the romantic hairstyle.


Prep the hair

Start with damp hair and use a firm hold mousse from the roots to ends, all over. “You only need the size of a golf ball to avoid weighing the hair down,” says Nader. “Use your fingers first, then use a wide-tooth comb so it’s evenly spread.” Try Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse.


Divide into sections

Next, clip the top half of your hair out of the way. “Divide your hair into two sections, or for thicker hair, take four sections,” says Nader. “Section the hair to cut down on time.”


Add volume

Blow-dry damp hair with this technique to build texture and volume at the roots: “Use a medium-sized round brush to give volume at the roots and give the hair an airy feel. When blow-drying, roll the hair up with a brush and leave it there to set the look.” If you don’t have two or more brushes of this size, use velcro rollers to wrap the hair and pin it. Once cool, unwrap each section.


Add waves

Finish off the look using a straightener. “With a straightener (like ghd platinum styler), create a bend in the hair and curl the ends. When your hair has cooled, brush them out so they’re a bit softer.


Complete the look

To prevent the style from dropping, spray your hair with hairspray. “I like to spray the tips of an old blush brush and swipe it over the part line and the hairline to control frizziness.”

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