Create pretty romantic waves in minutes

The half-updo just got an upgrade

Marie Claire Contributor / March 31 2017

The elegant and romantic half-up hairstyle has been refreshed with the addition of hair jewellery. “The seashell detail is so simple and beautiful, and doesn’t look too ‘try-hard’, plus it doesn’t require maintenance throughout the day,” says hairstylist and RAW salon owner Anthony Nader.

Hair that falls on or below the collarbone enhances this style, while “thicker hair will have a bigger impact, and shade variation helps showcase the rippled waves”. Here’s how to get this soft, romantic hairstyle in a five easy steps.


Prep your hair

Prep damp hair with sea salt spray (for texture) or a volumising lotion (if you have naturally wavy hair), “tilting your head back and massaging product to evenly coat every strand”, instructs Nader.

Try: Joico Structure Beach Texture Spray

Joico Structure Beach Texture Spray


Dry hair and create waves

Use a diffuser until hair is 90 per cent dry, ensuring the crown remains smooth. If you need to create waves, thoroughly dry hair and then use a tong. Work in large sections, and start the wave from the mid-lengths (not the roots).


Secure your headband

Create a centre part and use bobby pins to secure your headband or accessories to the crown, keeping pins hidden as much as possible.

Try: Chloe & Isabel Leaf Hair Comb


Pin your hair back

Take the two front sections on either side of the part, just above the ear, and twist them back and around the jewellery, securing with pins as you go along.


Secure your front pieces

Knot the two ends when they meet in the middle. If you’re concerned about hair coming undone, secure with extra pins.

Try: Gliders Bobby Pins

Gliders Bobby Pins

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