6 tools to maintain a moustache

Say goodbye to a baby-smooth face

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / July 21 2016

The latest slew of celebrities on the red carpet have proven that the ultimate accessory isn’t a gorgeous girl tucked under the arm (although that never hurts), but a neat arrangement of facial hair right above the top lip – aka a moustache. And the reason is simple; a nicely groomed moustache can seriously add character and attitude to an otherwise ordinary tuxedo.

And before you dive head first into getting a mo, there is a craft to growing one; there’s much more to it than just waiting for the hair to sprout and trimming around it. Our best tip is to visit a specialist who can tailor the right style for you, according to the length of your facial hair and the look you’re after. (For those that dare, ‘twizzling’ is the latest trend to try - it features hair twisted upwards at the end, held by a strong styling wax to hold its shape).


Most guys are capable of growing a moustache, you just need a bit of patience to get to where you want to go with the style.
Mitch Johnson
Men’s Biz

After seeing a barber, your next step is to look after your moustache at home. “A shorter moustache will need regular trimming at the lip line,” says Mitch Johnson, barber at Men’s Biz, whereas “for longer moustaches, frequent trips to the barber to get a trim is recommended to keep the shape.”

Ready to take on the task? Here are the top tools you’ll need to maintain your moustache at home.



A set of electric clippers will trim facial hair effectively and quickly - just look for one with a smaller head so you can navigate around the lip area with precision. Try VS For Men Metro Precision Beard Trimmer.



For hard to reach places, use a pair of small scissors to shape your moustache. The difference between scissors designed specially for facial hair, and normal ones you can get from a stationery store? Teensy serrations etched into the blade that can hold the hair in position before it gets trimmed. Try Dovo Solingen Stainless Steel Beard & Moustache Scissors.


Beard oil

A nourishing formula can soften the hair on your face, nix flaky or itchy skin underneath and add a healthy sheen to your moustache. Try Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil.


Small comb

Just like the hair on your head, your moustache requires daily brushing too. A small comb with finer teeth is just the thing to use after massaging a beard oil in. Try Wahl Traditional Barbers Moustache Comb.


Beard balm

If you’ve got longer facial hair, a good quality beard balm is just the thing to tame stray hairs, all thanks to its stronger hold. Try Milkman Grooming Co Beard Balm.


Beard shampoo

Shampoo designed for facial hair is formulated to clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Plus, they also don’t have that bitter taste that regular hair wash has (just in case you get it in your mouth). Try Beardsley Wild Berry Beard Shampoo.

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