Insider trick: Match your fragrance to your outfit

Elevate your style with a scent that goes with your getup

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 03 2018

Some combinations just work better than others. A basic fitted white tee looks effortlessly chic when paired with some cut-off denim shorts, and a black blazer looks smashing when thrown over a sexy silk cami, just showing off the décolletage ever-so-slightly.

Just like clothing, some fragrances work better with certain outfits. Here’s your guide to picking the perfect perfume to match your clothes.

If you're wearing cotton...

Good ol’ cotton - it’s versatile, and goes with just about anything. Typically worn during the day, this breathable fabric calls for something light-hearted and airy, such as citrus or light floral notes.

Try CHANEL Chance EDP; it's a culty fragrance that features powdery notes of iris, jasmine and vanilla for an irresistible treat for your senses.

If you’re wearing linen…

This breezy fabric is synonymous with cruise-y, casual days in the sun. A freshly-pressed linen shirt gives the impression of purity and cleanliness, which is why a light aquatic fragrance would work perfectly with your outfit.

Try Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua; it's a blend of white peony, cucumber water and jasmine for a sparkling scent, perfect for daytime wear.

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

If you’re wearing wool or cashmere…

A wood-based fragrance is the perfect note to wear with a big woolen jumper or a cashmere throw, as it can instantly warms up your senses on a cool winter’s day.

Try Lancôme Oud Bouquet, and be enveloped with warmth instantly upon smelling this saffron, agar wood and praline scent.

Lancome oud bouquet

If you’re wearing silk…

Upon first impressions, silk feels cool and foreign, but as your body warms up the fabric becomes almost like a second skin. A figure-hugging cami or dress calls for something quite the opposite: a sensual, spicy oriental fragrance will fit this situation nicely.

Try YSL Opium; you’ll be absolutely addicted to the mandarin, myrrh and patchouli notes in this little delight.

YSL Opium

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