Kendall Jenner’s makeup artist reveals how to overline your lips like a celebrity

NOT like a clown

Editor / March 20 2023

Her sister Kylie may have the Internet’s most talked about lips, but Kendall Jenner is definitely giving her a run for her money these days.

While she too may have booked a few filler appointments to give her a head start in the fullness department, shots of Jenner with and without makeup prove that she definitely knows how to play up her pout during a glam session.

Now we know exactly where she learned her tricks! Jenner’s makeup artist Mary Phillips just revealed how to master the elusive art of overlining; you know, without looking ridiculous.

Here’s how to line your lips like Kendall Jenner…

How to overline your lips

When it comes to overlining, there’s a fine line (ironically) between ‘pillowy soft’ and ‘clown makeup’. And for Phillips, that line happens to be starting with the corners. Take a look at any of her full-lipped clients (from Jenner to Hailey Bieber, Camila Morrone and Maren Morris) and you'll notice the consistent 'corner liner'.

Filling in the corners first is the key to keeping things in proportion, so you don't get carried away on that Cupid's bow and leave yourself a challenge in other areas.




“I like to begin in the corners of my mouth, and I start right outside the natural lip line,” Phillips explained in a TikTok video showcasing her technique. “This is where I stay the closest to the actual lip line, and just extend it slightly at the very top [of the upper lip], and at the very bottom of the lower lip.”

Next up? Nailing the Cupid’s bow. “I enhance the Cupid’s bow, following the shape of the upper lip, just bringing it up a little bit higher.”

Phillips specified in the video that she was using Giorgio Armani’s Lip Pencil in 12, but fans were devastated to find that it’d been discontinued. When a dupe was requested, she gave a stellar recommendation: “Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat in 'Medium' ($35 at Charlotte Tilbury) is very similar”.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat in 'Medium'

Here’s how Phillips’ lips looked before and after… Magic!

If this is where you'd usually stop, Phillips has more wisdom to share: a little blending goes a long way with lip liner. “I take a soft brush and just smooth it out, so that there’s no really hard line visible,” Phillips added. “Then I take a little bit of concealer on a concealer brush, and just make sure everything is nice and clean.”

That’s your liner done – take a second to admire your newly pillowy pout before layering on your fave liner topper. “Add your favourite gloss or [the] lipstick of your choice. And that’s it,” Phillips noted.

Take a look at the technique in action…

The proof was in the pudding (okay fine, the comments section), as followers were quick to voice what we were all thinking: this may be the only time we’ve ever seen overlining look good/believable/possible. “You are the only person I’ve seen do this successfully. A+,” one fan wrote.

Well, wait ‘til they see our end result! Jenner, we’re coming for your lip look!

Main image credit: @maryphillips

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