VIDEO: Pick the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone

Quick tricks for a flawless finish

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / June 21 2016

Want your makeup to look flawless? Then it’s absolutely essential to get your foundation shade perfect. Read on to find out how to find the right shade, with Rimmel London’s Match Perfection Foundation with SPF20.

TOP TIP: This foundation features wonder-tone technology that mimics your skin tone for an invisible coverage.


In a well-lit area, hold the foundation bottle next to your cheek. Pick a shade that looks right for you, as well as a foundation that’s a shade lighter and a shade darker.


Swipe a small amount of each foundation shade from the middle of your cheek down to your jawline, and blend with your fingers. This is the best area to test your foundation, as you can see which shade will best match your face and neck.

TOP TIP: If you’re planning on wearing a low cut top, you’ll need to match the colour of foundation to your chest, as it’s usually a bit darker than your face.


Blend in each foundation to see which shade works best with your skin tone. You’ll know that you’ve got the right one when it seems to disappear into your skin. Wait about a minute for the colour to settle to be certain.

So now that you have the perfect shade of foundation, don’t forget to reassess throughout the year as you might be a little darker in summer or a little lighter in winter.

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