Ways to set the mood with home fragrances

Create an inviting atmosphere with these scents

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / November 04 2016

Just like how you pair certain fragrances with different situations and moods (the scent you wear to the office may be different to what you like to spritz when you’re heading out for drinks), the same can be said and done for your home with the help of diffusers and candles.

While the founder of Nest Fragrances, Laura Slatkin was in town to launch their highly-anticipated perfume range following the huge success of their home fragrance collection (the perfumes land in Sephora stores in November but more on that another time!), we asked Slatkin for her best tips for picking the right scent for your home depending on the occasion.

If you’ve got a romantic dinner date at home

Drinks? Sorted. Dinner? It’s all organised. Now it’s time to transform your ordinary lounge room into an intimate venue. Go for oriental and woody scents to set a romantic mood. “One of my favourite home fragrances has the notes of heliotrope and Moroccan amber, which create a very sensual and exotic scent that women and men both find very appealing and intriguing,” says Slatkin. Try Jo Malone Home Candle in Dark Amber & Ginger Lily.

If you’re hosting a big birthday bash

With so many people coming over to your place for celebrations, you’ll want a scent that’s a true crowd-pleaser, so energising citrus notes are your best bet. “When entertaining large groups of family and friends, it is very important to choose a fragrance that will lift everyone’s spirits, create a joyful mood and, most importantly, appeal to everybody,” Slatkin recommends. Try Ecoya Mini Reed Diffuser in Citrus & Magnolia.

If you’ve got your family over for dinner

You’ve spent the entire Sunday prepping for your family to come and try your new recipe, don’t let your hard work go to waste - whet everyone’s appetite with a gourmand or woody-based home fragrance to warm up the atmosphere. “Create a cosy, inviting mood for family dinners with comforting gourmand fragrances that have notes like cinnamon, ginger and vanilla,” explains Slatkin. Try Glasshouse Fragrances Triple Scented Candle in Bordeaux.

If you’re hosting a work meeting

For this occasion, try a scent that’ll make people feel welcome without being too over the top. Aromatic fragrances are the way to go here. “Notes like eucalyptus, rosemary, sage and lavender are universally pleasing and are just the thing to get creative juices flowing,” says Slatkin. Try Diptyque Candle in Eucalyptus.

If you’ve got the girls coming over for drinks

The bubbly is in the fridge and you’ve got the cheese plate sorted. Your closest girlfriends are just about to arrive. “Fresh floral fragrances are perfect for when I welcome the ladies to my home for cocktails,” says Slatkin. Try Lumira Scented Candle in Tropical Gardenia.

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