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Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / February 08 2017

Just like any other hair routine, shaving your head takes serious patience, practice and skill. Here, Michael Klim, Olympic swimming gold medallist and co-founder of skin care brand Milk & Co shares his top tips for getting a close shave.


Apply an oil

To protect your head from the shaver, nourish the skin with an oil that’s rich in vitamins and essential oils - Milk & Co Body Oil works well here.

I put this on because my scalp can get really dry. Also, this method prevents hair from flying everywhere when I use the clippers.
Michael Klim
Milk & Co


Trim it short

With clippers (like Remington Rapid Cut Hair Clippers) on the 0 setting, trim the hair all over.


Have a look

Facing away from the mirror, hold another mirror in front of you so you can see the back of your head. Check for any uneven spots.

I normally get my 10 year old to check my head to see if I’ve missed anything.
Michael Klim
Milk & Co


Add moisture

Follow by applying a lightweight moisturiser all over, and massage it in with your fingers.

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