Did you know that over-washing your hair is damaging it?

The Clever Products That Will Help You Stop Over-Washing Your Hair

This is how, and what you can do to fix it

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 05 2019

We’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it twice – washing your hair too often is B.A.D. and does way more harm than good.

Besides stripping the hair of its natural oils (leaving it dry and prone to breakage), over-washing the hair can also irritate the scalp and cause your coloured locks to fade even faster. Yeah, not good.

Even worse still, we uncovered another big reason not to over-wash our hair during our latest ep of our Get Lippy podcast…  

marie claire’s Beauty Director Sally Hunwick said that while chatting with Simon Bright, Creative Director and hairstylist at JONNY+JUNE, she found out that over-washing your hair actually causes your scalp to produce more oil - meaning that you need to wash your hair even more often. It’s a vicious cycle and we want out. 

The solution?

“The key thing here is dry shampoo or hair dust,” says Sally, who notes that these products can help to soak up excess oil between washes.

“Hair powders - you can just sprinkle into your hair. Some of my favourite are Frank and Paul Dust, there's a Kevin.Murphy Powder.Puff and there's the L'Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART Super Dust. They're all really great,” says Sally.


Frank and Paul Dust

Kevin.Murphy Powder.Puff

L'Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART Super Dust

Meanwhile, our editor Carli Alman and InStyle Australia’s Beauty Editor Bettina Tyrrell are both fans of the Batiste Hair Benefits Hydrate dry shampoo. And it seems all three of these beauty eds are crushing on new-gen micellar water dry shampoos (such as Aveda Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher and R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist), which are a wet mist that then dries, leaving you with cleaner-looking hair.


Batiste Hair Benefits Hydrate

Aveda Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher

R+Co Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist

To hear more about how to stop over-washing your hair, what pollution really does to your skin, and a bit of commentary on why we’re all obsessed with the royals and their beauty products, tune into the latest episode of Get Lippy.

If you’d like more tips on upping your haircare game, check out this bestselling Korean hair treatment.

How often do you wash your hair? Are you trying to cut down? Let us know in the comments. 

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