Batiste Hair Benefits Hydrate

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Batiste Hair Benefits Hydrate is a dry shampoo for normal to dry hair types who need an extra boost of hydration in their haircare routine. The dry shampoo is ultra-lightweight and clear for minimum impact on styling, and contains moisturising avocado to nourish and refresh hair without drying it out. 


Batiste Hair Benefits Hydrate


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Extends your blow dry!

I use Batiste Hair Benefits Hydrate on the second day to fluff my hair up when it's looking flat. I find it to be more of a light hairspray so It adds more body and texture. Probably not so great for oily roots.
I have used Batiste Dry Shampoos for a long time now and loved all of them but move over because the Hydrate one is fantastic for my Normal to Dry hair.   The fragrance is very soft and not overpowering to my sensitive nose.   The hydrate gives me that extra day when I don't want to wash my hair but need to go out and look good.  What is so wonderful with this product it is invisible so not white powder that has to be completely brushed in.  Your hair is moisturised by avocado and it is totally so lightweight on your hair.  It really refreshes your whole hair to make it softer, smoother and very hyrdrated.   I absolutely love the results I am seeing.