India Amarteifio’s ‘less is more’ makeup routine

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Content Producer / November 23 2023

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story not only took viewers on a tear-jerking rollercoaster of romance, it also introduced us to the stellar talent that is India Amarteifio.

As a young Queen Charlotte, the actress captured audiences with her raw, honest performance, earning her a cherished spot in the hearts of every Bridgerton fan.  

At just 22 years old, Amarteifio’s star is only rising. With a growing public presence, in her every event appearance it’s clear that the actress has also been having fun experimenting with her fashion and beauty looks.

With her signature fresh-faced beauty, she embodies modern elegance while making a statement. Her daily makeup, on the other hand, takes a more natural approach, whilst incorporating the essence of her polished glow.

In a recent video with Harper’s Bazaar UK she opened up the contents of her makeup bag, sharing her favourite products and some insight into her ‘less is more’ approach to makeup.

India Amarteifio’s makeup routine

Amarteifio’s makeup routine lies in the philosophy: “I like to feel like I’m an elevated version of myself”.

As such, she likes to focus on her wellness routine which makes her “feel most beautiful” on the inside and outside.

With a belief in “enhancing your natural beauty”, Amarteifio’s makeup routine also reflects this.

For glowing skin, she relies on the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($105 at Adore Beauty), which makes her feel “as if [she’s] not wearing foundation”.

Amplifying this ‘second skin’ effect, the Chantecaille Cheek Gelee ($77 at MECCA) is her go-to. 

“It’s super light but just makes me look a bit glowy [and] rosy,” she said.

Admitting her disdain for false lashes, Amarteifio shared her secret to long, fluttery lashes, sans falsies: Revitalash Serum ($100 at Amazon). 

Combined with her trusty lash curler and staple mascara, Armani Eccentrico ($61 at Armani Beauty), she’s nailed the ‘spidery’ look.

“Not the real ones, just my own lashes,” she kindly clarified.

Main image credit: @india_amarteifio

India Armatefio’s natural beauty approach also extends to her hair. Read what she had to say about it here

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