How much does the relationship between inner and outer beauty really matter?

An expert view on holistic beauty

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / July 11 2022

Beauty is something that we typically address from an external perspective.

We have extensive skin care routines, develop specific makeup techniques for masking and enhancing our facial features, and even sacrifice large sums of cash to let perfect strangers stick needles in our face on a bi-monthly basis.

Long story short – we’re doing a lot to look good.

But the truth is there are internal factors that play a major part in how beauty manifests on the outside. 

And we’re not just talking about adopting a healthy mindset when it comes to self-image.

But why is internal health just as important as a comprehensive skin care routine?

We spoke to LAMAV founder Dr Tarj Marvi for her expert opinion on the symbiotic relationship between inner and outer beauty…

How does inner beauty and outer beauty inform one another?

“The two are inextricably linked,” Dr Marvi affirms. “Our outer beauty is a great reflection of our inner health and wellbeing.” 

“This close relationship is essentially dictated by the gut,” she goes on to say. For example, “[if] your skin is red, inflamed or irritated, it’s likely that your gut is also experiencing similar symptoms.” 

This is why a lot of nutrition and lifestyle practices are focused on supporting the gut, and steering clear from harming it.

How can we embrace holistic beauty?

“Our diet, behaviours, environment and emotions all play a role in how we look, feel and thrive,” Dr Marvi tells us. “But so many of us don’t take the same approach to beauty, turning to topical solutions only in the quest for healthy, glowing skin.”

"If we nourish our digestive wellbeing, we will reap the skin rewards."

“[Try to] take a step back to consider the close link between our inner health and outer beauty, it makes sense that if we nourish our digestive wellbeing, we will reap the skin rewards,” she explains.

“[Nurture] the gut from within while nourishing the skin from the surface,” the LAMAV founder advises. 

Obviously, this can be done with a balanced diet and plenty of water. But the booming category of beauty ingestibles can also play a major role in further optimising gut conditions to ensure external results. 

“Sip on your inner beauty blends every day to reap the benefits,” says Dr Marvi.

“[Ultimately, they’re] designed to complement one another; you will see truly transformative — and age-defying results — when they are used in combination.”

Dr Marvi really rates adaptogens too, which are herbal medicines commonly used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate daily stress and strain on the body. 

“When ingested, adaptogens help our body respond and adapt to stress (which can wreak havoc on our skin as well as our overall well being),” she explains. 

“But when applied topically, adaptogens also have a myriad of benefits including helping to fight oxidative stress (which is a key contributor to ageing).” 

How long does it take to see the effects of integrating inner and outer beauty practices?

As with skin care, your body requires time to see the full benefits and subsequent results of ingestibles. 

So much like the three month allowance you’d make for a new vitamin C serum to change the state of your skin, you can expect a similar time window for ingestibles to recalibrate your internal system. 

While it may seem like a lengthy period of time, it’s important to remember that your body needs time to adjust to the process. 

In fact, you might experience an initial state of internal readjustment that makes it look like you’re going backwards. 

Experiencing purging as you would with skin care is normal. So a few excess pimples and an imbalanced complexion isn’t anything to worry about initially. 

However, everyone is different.

So if you have any reactions to a supplement or ingestible, we would advise you to halt use immediately and consult your doctor to find the most suitable inner beauty regimen for your body. 

Main image credit: @lamavorganics

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