Why Isabel Lucas chose her new beauty gig

Plus, the beauty mantra that’ll inspire you

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Best known for her start on Home and Away, and her role in blockbuster movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Isabel Lucas has become a recognised face in Australian households.

These days, she’s not only regularly starring in American TV show Emerald City, but she’s also been named the face of Santé by Enjo, a new range of reusable skin care products from Enjo.

Off the back of her partnership with Santé by Enjo, Beauty Crew chatted to the Australian model and actress about her new role, her go-to beauty products, and what beauty means to her.

On becoming the new ambassador for Santé by Enjo
“Santé by ENJO’s legacy is all about being environmentally friendly and minimising their impact on the planet, this is one of the main reasons I was inspired to collaborate with them. I loved the simplicity and effectiveness of their products. It is smart technology: the fibres are so fine they lift off all makeup, oil, impurities and eliminate the need for cleansers and soaps. I love that I can save on plastic this way and completely avoid washing down the drains, into our oceans.”

On putting the makeup remover discs to the test
“I wear a lot of make up for work - auditions, on set, red carpet and events and I use the Santé by Enjo makeup remover discs to remove my makeup with water only. It was surprising how well it actually worked at first, but I experience each time how my skin feels and looks completely clear after.” 

On the products we'd find in her handbag
“I love the Le Paar lip balm, my beautiful friend Vanessa Meagan’s [Peruvian Flower] hand cream and a Mineral Fusion lip liner.”  

On her beauty cupboard essentials
“Aloe vera – any brand that is organic and GMO free. I love the 24 carat Le Paar face oil. I use the Green Foot Mama sunscreen if I’m in out in the sun or having a day by the ocean. Doterra essential oils, I love lavender and the On guard mix.”  

On her go-to makeup look
“For everyday life I tend to opt for a very natural look. I wear moisturiser, sunscreen and some blush. When I go out or am looking for a more elegant look for work, I like to add a liquid liner flick on the top lid and light mascara.”

On her ultimate beauty inspiration
“I like the French look –  simple and elegant. I use a light foundation and then a dark brown liquid eye liner on my top lid and loosely tossed hair.”  

On her beauty motto
“Inner beauty is far more powerful than outer beauty, cultivating and practicing those kind thoughts towards yourself is far more effective than buying a new poppy lippy.” 

Santé by ENJO Makeup Remover Discs

Vanessa Megan Peruvian Flower Hand Cream

Green Foot Mama Organic Sun Balm

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