VIDEO: Drew Barrymore’s refreshingly honest take on beauty

Drew Barrymore beauty interview

Our exclusive chat with the superstar was nothing short of inspiring

Beauty Crew Editor / May 02 2019

Anyone with a pulse has heard of Drew Barrymore – she’s one of the world’s biggest stars (and has been since the ripe age of seven when she made her film debut in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial). Most people would have seen at least one of her movies (Never Been Kissed should be required watching for everyone). But did you know she is incredibly funny, warm, honest and genuine? 

Well, we didn’t. Until we were lucky enough to sit down with her to celebrate the launch of her brand Flower Beauty in Australia at Chemist Warehouse (lucky Americans have had the budget-friendly range at their disposal for basically forever). 

Watch the interview below to not only find out what beauty products you’d find in her handbag and if she regrets any of her looks from over the years, but to see just how she deals with the pressure of a beauty-themed version of the game, Would You Rather?


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