Isabel Lucas shares her unusual trick for adding texture to hair

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InStyle Contributor / August 15 2017

Isabel Lucas has a striking beauty – her wispy brows, tousled tresses and radiant skin are always on point. Here, the homegrown actress and ambassador of Santé by Enjo talks eco-beauty and complexion secrets, and shares an unconventional hair hack that we bet you’ve never heard before (we certainly hadn’t!)! 

You’re known for taking a natural approach in all areas of your life. What made you choose that path when it came to beauty?
“I think that it has just naturally evolved
 [to beauty]—it spills out into all areas of life and, as we know, makeup often contains
 a lot of different chemicals, and many products aren’t earth-friendly.”

You’re the ambassador of Santé by Enjo. What do you love most about the products?
 “It’s a very modern approach to skin care. It’s so simple— [the combination] of water and the fine fibres [in the reuseable gloves and pads] feels like you’ve used soap or cleanser but you haven’t actually used anything—it’s quite genius! And I love the way it makes my skin feel so silky and soft.”

You have such a beautiful complexion, do you follow a strict skin care regimen?
“Thank you! I have quite a simple routine —in the morning I just splash my face with water and use the Santé by Enjo to cleanse, and then I apply sunscreen and moisturiser. At the end of the day it’s basically the same thing, but once a week I apply a face mask. My friend has a product range called Scents of Awe, and I use the Honey Mudd Masque.”

Growing up in Australia, was applying sunscreen something that was instilled in you from a young age?
“I was an outdoorsy girl—I had a horse to take care of so I was exposed to the sun, and I swum in the ocean as often as I could. I did wear sunscreen but I wasn’t as strict or as conscious as I am now about applying it every day. Sometimes I’ll skip a day if I’m working inside, but yes, I’m quite aware of it.”

What about fitness—how do you like to stay in shape?
“I usually hike a few times a week, whether I’m in Byron Bay or Los Angeles, and I do some stretching on my yoga mat at home. I also attend yoga classes when I can find the time.”

How would you describe your signature makeup look for the red carpet?
“It’s quite natural and bronzed but I also like a beautiful French eye flick—I’ve always found that lovely.”

What’s your number one beauty tip?
“This is a little quirky, but I use aloe vera gel on the roots of my hair, then pin it up for 15 minutes while it dries. It works to add [texture] to your hair, and it’s also good for your scalp and skin.”


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