5 Japanese beauty secrets for flawless skin

According to a Japanese aesthetician

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 28 2023

Japanese women have historically always taken great care with their beauty routines, and subsequently the rest of the world has always turned to them for advice on the subject. 

But after speaking to Japanese aesthetician and the founder of Toute Nuit (AKA Amanda Seyfried’s favourite anti-wrinkle tape brand), Yumi Mimiko, we’ve come to the conclusion that Japanese women’s secret to flawless skin extends past their skin care routine. 

From their diet to cultural wellness practices Mimiko shares with us the top five Japanese beauty secrets for flawless skin that she swears by.


Oil Up

“In your diet, that is,” says Mimiko. “A typical Japanese diet includes a lot of healthy fats from fatty fish, tofu and soybean-based foods, which supports skin health and anti-aging, and improves skin elasticity.”


Stay Protected

“Japanese women stay out of the sun — and their skin thanks them [for it],” Mimiko explains. “It is common for women of all ages to use a sun parasol during the summer months. Some people even wear gloves to hide their hands and arms.”


Go light on makeup

“Most Japanese women don’t over-paint [their faces],” explains the Toute Nuit founder. “Instead, they focus on their best features, accenting eyes or lips, and [they] leave their skin bare.” 

“Too much makeup, especially a thick foundation, can actually accentuate the very things you’re trying to hide, making you look older and unnatural,” she advises. 


Take a bath

“Japan is a bathing culture”, explains Mimiko. “Taking a hot bath at night is relaxing for you, [but it also] deep-cleans your pores, naturally removes dead skin and makes your skin softer by stimulating its natural rejuvenation [and] turn-over cycle.”


Keep it affordable

“With new beauty products and procedures emerging all the time, it’s easy to feel like you always need something new and more expensive,” warns Mimiko. “[But] expensive skin care is not necessary or more effective.” 

“The truth is that in most cases, drugstore brands and a simple, consistent skincare and makeup routine is all that you need to achieve great results,” she says.

Japanese sake baths are the best new way to revive your skin. Plus, they’re pretty easy to DIY at home. 

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