J.Lo wore actual $100 notes on her nails and we have no words

Jennifer Lopez's epic manicure at the Billboard Music Awards

So. Extra

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 23 2018

By the way, Jennifer Lopez rocked up to the Billboard Music Awards wearing actual $100 notes on her nails. Yep, NBD or anything.

The star took to the red carpet looking every bit stunning/glowing/like a total boss, as per usual. But it was her extravagant manicure that caught our eye.

While it may just look like your average bejewelled green manicure from a distance, on closer inspection it’s actually the most epic nail art you’ve probably ever come across.

J.Lo’s nail artist Tom Bachik posted a close-up snap (and a short clip!) on Instagram of her incredible set of nails, which featured gold foil, sparkly studs and what looks like excerpts from a $100 note.

He wrote, “Yo Quiero #Dinero About last night @jlo #jlonails #nailsbytombachik.”

If you’re a bit lost on the “Yo Quiero Dinero” reference, Bachik was quoting a line from J.Lo’s latest single Dinero - a Spanish word that literally translates to ‘money’. Yep, that’s dedication to a theme.

In a follow-up post, Bachik shared a photo of the fake nails before he applied them onto J.Lo’s famous digits. And don’t even think for a minute that Bachik painted these bad boys to look like real money.

He wrote, “All about the #Dinero for our girl @jlo", adding "the #real deal #hundo $100 #notadecal.” 

Yep, he didn’t use decals. He used REAL MONEY.

But hey, she’s J.Lo after all.

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Inset image credit: @tombachik

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