Jeremy Allen White uses a $300 moisturiser…

Only the best, of course…

Content Producer / March 26 2024

Picture this, one of Hollywood’s leading men strutting his stuff down the red carpet. All eyes on them. The camera flashes are highlighting every ounce of (potentially less than hydrated) skin. Okay let’s be real, no stylist or celeb friend is going to let any of the stars step out looking, well, dusty. 

One star in particular that seemingly knows his way around a beauty aisle is none other than The Bear leading man Jeremy Allen White. First proving his beauty prowess runs more than skin deep (they are his natural curls after all), we were let in on White’s red carpet ready hair routine (spoiler alert: it’s thanks to Dyson). 

But if you’re anything like us, you’ve been wondering how White has managed to somehow age backwards in the last few years. Well it’s time to crack the code. And it’s all thanks to his longtime celebrity groomer KC Fee and her willingness to drop celeb secrets.

Jeremy Allen White’s Favourite Moisturiser

Like we said, stepping out on the red carpet can be an ordeal. And not just for the ladies. Everyone is feeling the pressure to look their absolute best. So, if you want to look the best, you’ve got to turn to the best, right? For Fee (and White) they definitely agree. So they opted for the ultra-hydrating options from none other than La Mer. 

From start to finish, White’s skin care routine resembled one we can only dream about: head to toe La Mer. But Fee evidently knows the results are worth the splurge. Fee pressed the La Mer The Treatment Lotion ($190 at Creme De La Mer) into White’s skin, boosting not only his moisture levels but also working to jumpstart his complexion before applying the following products. 

Fee made sure to choose a moisturiser that’s been designed for those with an oiler skin type in mind. The La Mer special cell-recharging Miracle Broth™ is a powerhouse that’s highlighted in this all new moisturiser. The moisturiser Fee opted for was the La Mer The Moisturizing Fresh Cream ($340 at Creme De La Mer). It’s been formulated specifically to keep oil at bay for a long day (or night in White’s case). 

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