Jesinta Franklin has cut her hair *even* shorter

New year, new hair

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 28 2020

Jesinta Franklin is no stranger to hair transformations, but her recent chop just might be her most daring look yet. And we’re SO on board!

The model has gone *even* shorter, recently showing off a stunning blonde pixie cut at the Adidas x Parley event at Bondi Icebergs Club in Sydney.

On her Instagram story, Jesinta can be seen prepping for the event with the help of celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown:

Yep, she’s killing it. Anyone else getting major Miley Cyrus/Katy Perry vibes?!

A pixie cut can not only takes zero time to style (hint: getting a cut that’s right for your hair type makes ALL the difference), but it’s actually super versatile – just check out all the ways you can style a pixie cut. Plus, we think it looks both parts chic and sophisticated. And there’s no better time to go shorter than in summer. 


Last year, Jesinta debuted an icy blonde bob, telling InStyle Australia, “I really love the cut and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner and I have no plans of going back anytime soon because it is just so much easier to do".

Well, it looks like she has kept her word!

"I can wake up, put a product in to slick it back, put a lip on and I am ready to go for the day. It is so easy, it dries quickly, it is versatile because I can do so much with it, which is great. I thought it would be opposite going shorter but I can do so much more now," she told InStyle at the time.

While she hasn’t revealed exactly who is behind her latest hairstyle, our bets are on her go-to hairstylist Diane Gorgievski at Koda Cutters in Bondi – she was the one behind Jesinta’s peachy-coloured cropped style in October last year:

Anyone else getting an inkling to go shorter?! 

Jesinta’s not the only celeb switching her hair up for the new year. Check out Kris Jenner’s entirely new hair look.

What do you think of Jesinta Franklin’s new pixie cut? Do you prefer her hair shorter or longer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Inset image credits: @lucyrose_press_matrix, @kodacutters_bondi, @estebanlatessa_photographer 

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