Jesinta Franklin doesn’t cleanse her face anymore, and here’s why

‘Less is more’ taken to a new level

Content Producer / January 15 2024

Renowned for her radiant beauty and her holistic approach to skincare, Jesinta Franklin's daily beauty regimen is refreshingly straightforward.

Her philosophy is rooted in the principle that effective beauty care doesn't require complexity; it's about discerning what genuinely benefits you, and emphasising quality in every choice. As we explore her beauty routine, we uncover the secrets behind her glowing skin and her lifestyle choices that contribute to her overall health and radiance - plus uncover the reason she doesn’t cleanse her face anymore!

A simple routine

Franklin's beauty regimen is striking in its simplicity. As mentioned in a recent interview with Vogue Australia, her routine is straightforward, avoiding complexities. This simplicity is anchored by a few non-negotiables that maintain her radiant skin and overall wellbeing.

SPF: Franklin acknowledges that daily SPF application is crucial. As featured across her Instagram page, she’s a fan of Ultra Violette’s Queen Screen ($47 at Ultra Violette).

No cleansing: That’s right… While a lack of cleansing certainly won’t necessarily benefit everyone, Franklin told Vogue; I’ve actually stopped cleansing morning and night and my skin has never been better. I cleanse my skin only at night if I have been wearing make up and try to keep things as simple as possible.”

Collagen drinks: Alongside frequently drinking water, as a Vida Glow ambassador, Franklin swears by the little collagen sachets ($70 at Adore Beauty) to enhance her skin health.

A rich nighttime moisturiser: Essential for overnight rejuvenation, Franklin is a known fan of Kora’s Turmeric Glow Moisturiser ($83 at Adore Beauty).

Targeting treatments: As featured on a recent Instagram story, Franklin isn't averse to a targeted treatment. For blemishes, it seems like she enjoys using the Mario Badescu Drying Patches ($27 at MECCA), whilst we also spot the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads ($149 at MECCA).

Image credit: @jesinta_franklin

Quality over quantity

In the words of Franklin herself, "I believe when you are using good quality products that are effective as well as staying hydrated, eating well, and exercising regularly, you don’t need to do much or have an overly complicated routine." 

Franklin's routine extends beyond topical products. She emphasises the importance of a holistic approach to beauty.

Infrared sauna: Enjoyed regularly, Franklin is a big fan of infrared saunas. After spruiking their benefits publicly over the years, she’s recently revealed she has one in her own home. Lucky!

Diet: As shared on Instagram, Franklin visits a local farmers' market weekly, reinforcing her belief in "beauty coming from within" and the role of nutrition in it.

Main image credit: @jesinta_franklin

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