Jesinta Franklin reveals the reasons behind her drastic hair change

Jesinta Franklin Reveals The Reasons Behind Her Dramatic Pixie Cut

“It was really freeing and really liberating, I felt so good.”

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / July 23 2019

When comparing photos of former Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Franklin during her reign in 2010 (back when she was known as Jesinta Campbell), to photos of the model now, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at two different people.

A couple of years ago, Jesinta took us all completely by surprise when she ditched her long honey-coloured locks for a startling platinum blond bob… and she’s since chopped it even shorter, down to a tousled pixie cut.

While we absolutely adore Jesinta’s new look, we have been wondering what prompted her to take the leap with such a dramatic hair transformation.

So when we caught up with Jesinta while recording an episode of our Get Lippy podcast, we asked her exactly that.

“I’d always had really long hair. I was always doing what clients wanted me to do or wearing my hair a certain way because that was on the brief,” said Jesinta in our exclusive chat.

“And I just thought, I needed to do something for myself... It was really freeing and really liberating, I felt so good.”

“I wanted to show women that there wasn’t just one standard of beauty. You can have short hair and still be sexy or beautiful, you don’t have to have the long flowing blonde hair to fit a certain standard of beauty. I just wanted to take a chance and do something different and it’s just made me feel really, really good.”

But as you’ll hear when you tune into Get Lippy, Jesinta’s hair transformation wasn’t an easy transition.

To hear more about Jesinta’s hair transformation (and all about the style she’s planning to try next!), plus her new app and how she tones her body, tune into the latest episode of Get Lippy here.

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Have you ever undergone a major hair transformation? What was your inspiration behind it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Main image credit: @jesinta_franklin

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