Jess Hart’s rules for nailing naturally luminous skin

Jess Hart Highlighting Tips

The highlighting advice you’ll want to take note of

Beauty Crew Editor / January 11 2018

Australian model Jess Hart is pretty much the picture of effortless, glowing skin. And while she can certainly rock a bold red lip like a pro, it’s more likely her luminous complexion most are dying to emulate.

So of course, in our exclusive interview we grilled the LUMA Cosmetics founder on exactly what one should do for skin that looks more radiant than post-just went on a run. 

Behold, Jess Hart’s rules for nailing naturally luminous skin. 

#1 / Know your highlighting products

For the most natural-looking glow, a cream highlighter is your best bet. But even then it pays to know the difference between the various forms of cream highlighters, for example stick and pot highlighters. They’re both cream formulations, but offer slightly different illuminating results. 

Of her LUMA Illuminating Highlighter (a pot), Jess explains it offers a creamier consistency, has condensed crushed pearl pigments, and leaves a slightly greasy (in a good way!) finish. Basically, creamier highlighters in pots can give a much more dewy, glowing finish that makes it look like you haven’t done a thing. Think: a natural sheen in all the right places. If you like the idea of a natural dewy finish like the one the Illuminating Highlighter gives, you can also try RMS Magic Luminizer or follow this nifty insider beauty hack: dab a small amount of Vaseline on your temples and cheekbones. The cult balm will give you a soft glow without any pigment.

LUMA Illuminating Highlighter

RMS Magic Luminizer


As for stick highlighters (like the LUMA On The Glow Highlighter), they tend to be more pigmented with colour, and can be built for your desired impact when it comes to the level of highlight. You’d pick these when you’re looking to create more of a nighttime-friendly strobed finish, says Jess. It’s what you’d choose when you want people to know you’ve expertly highlighted your skin. Other options for highlighting sticks that add punch and come in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone are Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks (available in a whopping 10 shades!) or the Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks.

LUMA On The Glow Highlighter

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks

Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks

TOP TIP: Get creative with the shade of your highlighting stick. Jess likes to use a bronze shade under her cheekbones as a bronzer and on her lids as eyeshadow, and a pink shade as blush and for a feminine eye look.

#2 / Know where to apply your highlighter

Jess’s rule of thumb when it comes to applying your highlighter?

“Always keep it on the cheekbone,” she says. A natural sheen on the high point of your cheeks can not only help enhance your glow factor, but will also do wonders for your natural facial angles when the light hits them.

Our tip, though? Make sure you don’t take your highlighter too close to your nose and around your nostrils – that may leave you looking more greasy than glowy.

# 3/ Know the limitations of highlighter

Sure, some expertly placed highlighter can do wonders to leave your skin glowing, but one wrong move and you may find your skin looks more shiny than you’d like (see above point about your nose!).

Jess warns that greasier cream highlighters in particular can leave you looking a bit shiny if you apply too much, and can enhance any pore problems you might have, leaving them looking larger than they may be. Same goes for any lines – highlighter can enhance those lines, making them look deeper. Your best bet is to avoid applying highlighter to those problem areas. 

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