Julia Fox’s handbag contents are just as chaotic and iconic as her

Gorilla Glue girl 2.0 incoming…

BEAUTYcrew Beauty & Social Editor / November 16 2023

There’s no one we trust more to deliver beauty advice and actual hot takes than Julia Fox. The woman is, after all, an infamous muse (anyone seen Uncut Gems?) and a bona-fide trend setter. And she’s constantly in her IDGAF era, whether she’s getting real about ditching cosmetic procedures or sharing some genius dating advice. She’s quirky (and sometimes controversial) and we love her for it.

In a recent ‘In The Bag’ video with British Vogue, the model, actress and author dished on the contents of her handbag, and boy did it deliver a standard dose of refreshing Julia Fox realness.

The most peculiar product stashed away in her Mowalola Union Jack bag? Gorilla Glue.  “Something’s always popping off, whether it’s a nail or a veneer,” Fox explains. And it just makes sense. We do, however, strongly advise against using super glue on your body. Just for the record...


Need we mention TikTok’s infamous ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ (AKA Tessica Brown) who applied the product to her hair in an attempt to nail the slicked back ponytail? We’d suggest sticking to nail glue for your nails and the Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray ($10.20 at Priceline) unless you want to have your hair surgically removed like Brown.

 As for the rest of Fox’s handbag beauty essentials? Well, the mix is equally as iconic and chaotic as the woman herself. Let’s dive in shall we…

Julia Fox’s handbag beauty essentials

We’re not sure how she fits it in, but Fox always keeps a copy of her 336-page memoir, Down The Drain, “because I’m always giving it to people”. And yes, the self-proclaimed “masterpiece” does lives up to the hype, if you’re wondering.

Fox also dished some refreshing advice on beauty standards and feminism: “I think that reinvention is so important. Especially as women, we get put in a box a lot, we’re kind of told to stay in line, sit down and dim your light. I just wanna be the opposite of that. I wanna shine very bright and I wanna continue to be loud and in your face with my looks and my opinions.” Yeah, we’re gonna need a copy of that book…

Okay, back to business. Fox pulls out a selfie light, a Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara ($59 at Sephora) that she “can’t live without” and the ISAMAYA Beauty Liplacq in 'Black Veil' ($60 at Selfridges). And because “bows are in right now”, Fox also keeps a hair bow clip in her handbag.

In a not-so-surprising twist, her bag is home to the FaceGym Pure Lift Facial Toning Device (currently unavailable in Australia) which she calls “the holy grail” – and now we finally know how her face looks so snatched 24/7. “If you wake up and your face is puffy, like mine was this morning because I got drunk last night and partied with Madonna, this is what you need” (relatable AF). And of course, since you can’t use a microcurrent device without a complementary gel, she also carries the NuFace Hydrating Aqua Gel ($51 at Current Body).

The Byredo De Los Santos Hand Cream ($61 at Selfridges) and a discontinued M.A.C frosted lipstick which she actually bought on eBay (used) because, well, she really couldn’t live without it, also reside in Fox’s handbag.

Fox also pulls out candy, her contacts, a Kleenex, a wet wipe and a smashed iPhone, which she says is nothing but an “avenue for me to go on TikTok” (girl, same). 

“I am hectic, messy and that I’m Mary Poppins,” Fox concludes. And we’d have to agree.

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