Miley Cyrus scored a lifetime supply of *this* cult-fave concealer

No restocking necessary

Editor / May 30 2023

Miley Cyrus has given the world so much: Hannah Montana, some of the best albums of the last decade, and now some very strong beauty recommendations.

The "Flowers" singer goes hard for her favourites – while most people might reserve precious handbag real estate for classic essentials like keys or their wallet, Cyrus prefers to pack in an impressive number of beauty buys.

She even carries several larger ticket items in her purse, despite its small size – in fact, packing them in can feel “like Tetris”, Cyrus confessed in a recent British Vogue video.

Wondering exactly what those items are (and which beauty essential she managed to secure a lifetime supply of)? Allow us to explain...

Miley Cyrus' favourite concealer

A lifetime supply of concealer may sound like a dream, but that's exactly what Cyrus was granted access to after complimenting the finish of a certain formula.

"[I carry] Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Concealer ($55 at Sephora) – Pat gave it to me as a gift," she told British Vogue. "Her skin looked so beautiful and it was glowing, and I asked what she had on. She told me [she was wearing the] Skin Fetish. And so, at the end of the shoot, she gave me a lifetime supply." Um, score?!

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Concealer

Miley Cyrus' favourite lip products

In the lip category, Cyrus likes to carry both a bullet and a balm. "I have two of my favourites [with me all the time]: my favourite Gucci beauty lipstick [and] an all-over balm by Gucci," she explained. "I love this [balm] because it goes all over. You can really put this anywhere. I mean anywhere,” she stressed. Colour us intrigued!
Cyrus sadly didn't single out the name of her signature shade, but it looked like the coral-orange goodness of the Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Lipstick in 'I Dream Too Much' ($72 at Myer) to us. As for the 'everywhere' balm, that's none other than the Gucci Universal Nourishing Balm ($87 at Myer).


GUCCI ROUGE A LEVRES VOILE Sheer Lipstick in 'Call It A Day'

Miley Cyrus' favourite fake tan

We all carry a tube of tan in our everyday handbags, right? No? Okay, fine, neither do we. But Cyrus has always been a trailblazer.

"Last but not least: this is the biggest thing in my very small bag. This is my Dolce Glow Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion ($80 at Dolce Glow)," she shared, noting that she also totes around its application kabuki brush. "It also comes in handy with anything you need, any other makeup, powder, bronzer, blush. I like using [the tanning lotion and brush] together but I like a kabuki with anything."

"We’ve been experiencing the craziest weather in LA – we’ve had snow in Malibu [but] that doesn’t mean that I can’t be bronzed. It may look like I’m doing nothing, like if I’m just sleeping on an airplane, it may look like I’m sleeping on an airplane. But really, b*tch, I am getting tanner. I am just getting more and more bronzed by the second." Can't argue with that luminosity-related logic!

Dolce Glow D'oro Self-Tanning Lotion

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