How Miley Cyrus achieved her sky-high Grammys hairdo

Following in her godmother Dolly’s footsteps

Content Producer / February 06 2024

In an evening that celebrated the best in music, Miley Cyrus not only captured hearts with her stunning performance but also made headlines with her first-ever (and much-deserved) Grammy win for the hit single ‘Flowers’. However, it wasn't just her musical prowess that stole the show. Miley turned heads and set trends with her voluminous mullet, a style that paid homage to two iconic women: her godmother Dolly Parton and the legendary Jane Fonda. This modernised 80s look, infused with the ethos of "the bigger the hair, the closer to God," as famously quoted by Parton, perfectly encapsulated Cyrus’ bold and unapologetic spirit. 

As one of the standout looks of the night, Cyrus’ hair tutorial came to much excitement. The product of hairstylist Bob Recine, as conveyed on his Instagram, the voluminous mullet style was created as the antithesis of her wet look the year prior.

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“This year we decided we wanted something dry and bigger, more fuller hair, but sexy and tousled and touchable,” Recine wrote.

Thanks to his post, we also know exactly how he achieved the look. Here, we break it down…

Miley Cyrus’ Grammys hair: how to

The canvas to any hair look is a clean head of hair. Recine started his style on hair, applying the NEXXUS Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray (unavailable in Australia) from root to tip alongside the NEXXUS Prep & Protect Head Defense Spray (unavailable in Australia. If you’re looking for product alternatives, we recommend the OGX Flexible Control Shine + Hydrate Argan Oil of Morocco Heat Protect Spray for Damaged and Heat Styled Hair ($13.49 from Chemist Warehouse) and De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish ($28.95 from Oz Hair & Beauty).

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Using a medium-sized round brush, he blow-dried each section up and outwards using the NEXXUS XXL Volume Volume Hairspray to touch up the roots. While this specific spray isn’t available in Australia, the L’Oreal Paris Satin Supreme Hold Volume Hairspray ($12.49 from Priceline) is a comparable alternative.

He finished the look off  by lightly teasing the roots and adding some velcro rollers on top of the head, sealing the deal with a nourishing hair oil to add “a jewel like shine and light reflective qualities that make hair soft and nourishingly healthy”. 

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